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AEIC Materials

American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) — Staff Report & Case Studies


American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) — Staff Report & Case Studies

Widmeyer Communications/Finn Partners contracted Lisa from Cultiva Studio to design and layout the AEIC Staff Report and later a series of case studies for AEIC. The overall look and feel had been established in an earlier report from the AEIC principals (that Lisa also worked on). The client wanted the Staff Report to look like it was part of the AEIC brand, but to distinguish it visually from the principals’ report. Later the client also decided to put out a series of fact sheets. Once again they wanted the fact sheet series to have it’s own design, while still applying the AEIC’s brand. 

Front & back covers and sample pages from AEIC Staff Report

Sample pages from 3 different AEIC case studies.