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Nestle CSV Report

Nestlé Creating Shared Value Report 

Nestlé Creating Shared Value Report 

Widmeyer Communications/Finn Partners helped Nestlé develop their report on Creating Shared Value in the United States. To quote Nestlé's website: “Creating Shared Value is a fundamental part of Nestlé’s way of doing business that focuses on specific areas of our core business activities—water, nutrition, and rural development—where value can best be created both for society and shareholders.” The report highlights some of the accomplishments of five operating companies: Nestlé USA, Nestlé Waters North America, Nestlé Nutrition, and Nestlé Professional.
Widmeyer contracted Lisa from Cultiva Studio to design the report for Nestlé. The report included a good deal of data that needed to be designed and laid out as visually appealing infographics. Each of the five Nestlé companies was represented in its own text-heavy, data rich spread. The challenge was to design each spread in a way that made the data stand out and not make the pages feel too text-heavy.