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Ogilvy PR Work Samples

Projects that Lisa designed while she was employed at Ogilvy Public Relations.

Ogilvy Public Relations Work Samples

The work on this page is design work that Lisa did when she was employed at Ogilvy PR.

Society of American Florists — Press Kit

The press kit included a pocket folder, a letter and fact sheets (double-sided each with a big flower detail on the back), and a catalog-sized envelope.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute — Strategic Plan

Below are sample pages from the full Strategic Plan report (top) and the shorter Summary Report for NHLBI.


Summary Report


New Business Pitch — Bus Shelter Ads

Poster series designed as part of a new business pitch to the D.C. Department of Health HIV/AIDS Administration.

Federalist Group — Brochure & Folder

A brochure and pocket folder for the Federalist Group that Ogilvy had acquired (later renamed Ogilvy Government Relations). Below left is the brochure cover, below right is the front of the pocket folder, and below those is the back of the brochure.


NHLBI — P.A.D. Campaign Toolkit & Point of Purchase Display

Ogilvy developed a Toolkit and P.O.P. pharmacy display stand for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s campaign about peripheral arterial disease (P.A.D.). The toolkit included a two-sided poster (English on one side, Spanish on the other); a CD containing radio PSAs and a booklet with the scripts; and 3 brochures each aimed at specific audiences. The display stand contained wallet cards educating customers about P.A.D.