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Patterns and designs created by Lisa Glassberg

When I was a kid my grandmother gave me an Altair Design coloring book. I had never seen anything like it before. Every page had wonderful patterns made up of intricate interlocking and repeating geometric shapes. I spent hours with my magic markers figuring out different ways to color the same pattern to come up with new designs. My obsession with abstract patterns was born and it has stuck with me my whole life. I adore things like Origami paper, patterns on Japanese textiles, Mandalas, Celtic art, architecture in places like Morocco, etc. 

As a fun side project, I’ve decided to create my own patterns as simple black lines on white, then copy the pattern, color it in to come up with a new design. One pattern can yield many different designs. Working on these is like being a kid again and I love it.

If you also love patterns like these, you might be interested in following my Patterns board on Pinterest. It is a great source of inspiration for designs.