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Usual Suspects

Usual Suspects Productions — Logo, Business Card & Website

Usual Suspects Productions — Logo, Business Card & Website

Elizabeth Gay hired Lisa from Cultiva Studio to design a logo, a business card and a website for her video production company, Usual Suspects Productions. Beth had a vision of an old fashioned diner as a setting for her website but didn’t want to be too literal. Just to use it to set a mood because a diner would be the kind of place that the usual suspects would gather to brainstorm over their latest project. The site was created and is hosted on Squarespace; which makes it very easy for Beth to update the site herself and for me to add additional pages or features as needed in the future.

Her business card and logo have a deco feel to them that works with the diner theme but can also stand on their own should she decide she wants to change the look of her site in the future.